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Breaks behavior in other extensions (VsVim)


VS version: Visual Studio Community 2015

VsVim is a plugin that enables vim functionality within Visual Studio. As such, it radically changes the behavior of essentially every keystroke in the code editor. For example, in VsVim's "normal mode", pressing "/" starts a search for the next instance of whatever the user types next, completing the search when the user presses Enter.

When CppTripleSlash is installed, however, this functionality breaks. The search seems to work up until the point where the user presses the Enter key. Upon pressing the Enter key, a line break is inserted at the previous location of the cursor, and the search is not completed. This is definitely a conflict between VsVim and CppTripleSlash, because disabling or uninstalling CppTripleSlash resolves the issue.

Thank you for taking this issue into consideration.