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Enter three forward slash characters on the line preceding the function definition to obtain a documentation stub for the function.

For function declarations (.h file), this doesn't work presently. A work-around for this is to replace the ';' by "{}" at the end of the declaration.

For documenting template functions, place part of the function definition on the same line as the template line, for example,

template <class T> int foo(char c)

Then type the triple slash on the preceding line. You can reformat as you like later.

The algorithm to insert the doc stub is the following:

  • If a triple slash was typed and those are the only characters on the trimmed current line, go to the end of the next line and check which function you are in (visual c++ code model).
  • If you are in a function, go back to your initial point and insert the stub with <param> and <return> tags
  • If you are not in a function, go back to your initial point and just insert the <summary> tag

Download from the visual studio gallery here


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